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Commencement!  So proud of the members in my tribe who took giant steps forward in making their dreams come true.  After 26 weeks of getting the work done, sometimes tedious, sometimes joyful, sometimes downright frustrating, they have graduated the Master Key Experience.  But they did it and I am so proud of them!  One has a business that is going through the roof, after only 6 months.  Another has a massive training program, book and team ready to launch!

These people are heroes to me.  And so are all those hard-working young folks that finished school this month but don’t get a commencement ceremony.   They and their families and schools are getting extremely creative about celebrating incredible moments of successful completion.  One more huge plus that will make their hero mark on history.

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There are no words to express my immense appreciation for the stellar heroes who serve as first responders, care givers and health professionals who are being challenged in a whole new way.  They are daily examples of heroism, for me, daily commencing on a new, uncertain journey.

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How special this thing called commencement!  It feels like relief at the end of the previous journey and excited anticipation for the new journey, all at the same time.  What an honor it is to mark these commencement occasions.

While I am in awe of those heroes at their commencements, I realize that the overwhelming celebration that bubbles from the heroes is contagious for all those around them.  Their joy, their pride in their success spills over and the incredible sense of achievement, success and recognition of new and higher levels achieved can be felt by many others.

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts; to believe in the heroic makes heroes.”  Disraeli

What if we woke up every day, as excited about commencing our day as we are about celebrating or achieving any other form of success and commitment?  If we chose to be thrilled about what we’ve gained, how we’ve grown, and where we might go or grow on this new day, how might that trigger a new level of excellence or humanity?

Wow!  Thanks, all you heroes, for setting an example.  You’ve shown me a way to look at the heroics in the world and go, “YAY”, encouraging me toward my own high and noble endeavor.

Hero, how will you “commence”?

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