How very incredible to dig deeper into myself and understand what critical personal needs I truly have, to begin to connect and link them to the exercises, and most importantly, to ME.  This Master Keys course is simply amazing.  And then to watch all this unfold in my own life is … well, MAGIC!

I continue to struggle with getting the words right — perfect — I’ve torn through about 20 drafts this week of my Definite Major Purpose statement, and each time, some other aspect of life that I don’t want to miss out on comes into my mind.  And more than ever, I begin to see, with my real LIFE as the movie I get to observe, that getting this right is critical.  I could never again doubt that these precious words in my DMP indeed are the foundation upon which I build the architecture of my life.

Part of my DMP, what makes my heart soar, is freedom from an employer.  For a long time I wanted to build a business of my own, and take it to a very high level of success, creating abundance for myself, my family, and those with whom I do business.  I figured it would take a year, maybe two, to get the business off the ground and transition into full-time work from home.  I still am working on details to help SUBBY (my subconscious) get clear on what to create.

Well, SUBBY had OTHER plans and got very impatient.  As of TODAY, I am no longer an employee!  The company I worked for initiated a large RIF (reduction in force).  Nearly half the employees were let go today, including me.  On one hand, the old blueprint is desperately pushing the panic button, screaming for me to jump to fear and stay there.  “Go hide under the covers, start pounding the streets tomorrow for ANOTHER stressful job where someone chooses the number of days off you can take, and works you for more than double the hours you’ve agreed to work for no extra reward.”

And then, I hear my own voice, my new blueprint spreading its wings, almost separating the inner me from my body, getting louder with enthusiasm and even with joy, and a renewed sense of freedom — “Today I begin a new life.  Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity.”

I followed my inner guide on the way home after being walked out the door with my box of personal items.  First I called my family to let them know about my new adventure.  Then I began to reach out to people who just came to mind.  Now, less than 12 hours from leaving the work force, I have 4 clients ready to contract on projects to give my business a healthy kick-start.

Fear, I recognize that you have the right to exist, but at this time, you are not my friend.  I have no room for you in my life at this time.  Step aside as I take off in a new direction, confident in my journey.  I now reach my goals in life, whatever they may be!!!

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