Doorway to Bliss

A new treasured experience begins!  I am honored to be a certified guide for the Master Key Experience.  There simply is nothing like this phenomenal class on the planet.  It’s the most giving, encouraging, honest program, no, it’s a gift to people to help them finally see, choose and honor each one’s own unique true self.

It’s amazing to me how many people want this so badly, and yet, when they stand at the door to their Bliss, they turn and walk away.  When all they have to do is some simple work to walk through and gain all the magnificence of life they’ve ever wanted.  And Mark J and Davene have ensured that everyone who knocks at their door to bliss gets full support and encouragement to manifest it.

This came to me as I was standing in front of this door on the Norwegian Star sailing through the Aegean Sea, something I never thought would ever be possible in my life before the Master Key Experience.  I almost cried, realizing I had been granted the exotic travel bliss I always wanted, my heart’s desire.  And all I had to do was walk through the door and accept it.  Yes, some work was required, but none of it was difficult, expensive or too demanding.  I’m sure I thought it was all 3 at first, but I did it!  And here I am!

New tribe

I am excited right now, anticipating an incredible new tribe of students and members.  As always, I’m sure they’ll energize me as much as I hope to keep encouraging them toward a life like none other.

My gratitude for what this course has done for me is beyond words.  I am starting my first week of this year in the Mediterranean taking the cruise of a lifetime!  We sailed from Venice and are stopping at several Greek Islands, then Dubrovnik, Croatia, before going back to Venice.  I will miss participating in the first class webinar because of internet restrictions, but my spirit of gratitude and love for all who participate in this marvelous program reaches around the world.  I hope you find and feel YOUR bliss too.  Actually, you can, with the Master Key!  Stay with it!

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