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Just 4 tiny habits to reach all the successes you ever wanted?  This week in class, Mark started diving into the four tiny habits deeper, and as someone who has lived this formula to success, Mark has earned my trust as a pretty good authority.  I’ve also seen in my own life where these four tiny habits create so much more in my life.

1st Tiny Habit

The first one is right out of Napoleon Hill.  A definite purpose.  Mark reminds us in class, as does Hill, that your desire, your purpose must be DEFINITE.  And it must be backed by a BURNING Desire.

“What a different story men would have to tell if only they would adopt a DEFINITE PURPOSE and stand by that purpose until it had time to become an all consuming obsession,” Hill said in Think and Grow Rich.

I have been through many classes where I was encouraged to write down my life’s mission, my purpose, etc.  Even though the paragraphs sounded good, things sort of happened, but the exercise didn’t help make any changes in my life.  In my experience, those exercises sort of kept me in my same box and I wasn’t growing to a level beyond my limited view.

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Then I met Mark Januszewski, and first took his on-line class covering Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.  It shed a whole new light on what a definite purpose meant and how to use the right words to clarify and launch a better life!  (By the way, Mark is considering doing another run of that class this Spring.  If you’re interested, click here to get on my early notice list and I’ll send you more information.)

First, I must decide.  I must choose what I want and be very clear and definite about it.

Hey, Mark and Davene are the experts that made it work in their lives.  They moved to Kauai and have helped themselves and others make money, so why wouldn’t I listen to those who actually achieved success by implementing the principles that worked?

Step 2

In Hill’s Self-Confidence Formula, you take this idea to the next step – clearly write down your definite purpose and never stop working on it until you achieve it.  Mark recommends that you do even more – write it down, yes, then read it aloud once a day with feeling, instilling that burning desire.  He shares many tips on other ways to reinforce that definite purpose in the Master Key Experience course. #NothingLikeIt

So I built my written statement that details my definite purpose and I use the tools Mark shares with us to make sure I back it with a burning desire, making it my obsession.

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Best of all, he didn’t just throw this at me in some webinar or upsold audio CD or DVD, and expect me to figure it out.  He provides hands-on staff support for every member so you get one-on-one feedback and coaching to build the life you truly want!

Until the course comes around again, start now by writing down your definite purpose, your chief aim in life, as Hill describes it. (In the meantime,  join my list and I’ll be sure to get you the information on the next class and their scholarships as soon as the information is available).

Write down your heart’s desire.  Be clear, specific and keep it with you for constant reference (at least as many times as you look at your phone), keeping it alive.  Back it with a burning desire, then pay attention.  Something’s going to happen!

Next time, tiny habit 2.

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