life-purpose master Key experienceWhy is it that some people are SO successful and others just keep repeating the same old routine getting further away from their dreams and deeper into a sense of being caged and trapped into a life of quiet desperation?

What is that one formula that works for so many who do succeed and is ignored by those who don’t?

Simply this:         DMP + PMA + POA + MMA

* A Definite Major Purpose (Your gifts defined in writing in the parameters set by Napoleon Hill and Charles Haanel)

* A Positive Mental Attitude (Check out W. Clement Stone’s book on the subject, or take the 7-day Mental Diet challenge to get you jump started and steered away from negative opinions)

* A Plan of Action (Setting up to drive your traction point and then using Mark J’s OATS system to ensure your plan gets accomplished)

* A Master Mind Alliance (No one succeeds without a support system and without others who support your purpose, you and holds you accountable)

There it is, in the Master Key System, taught in the Master Key Experience, with help, so that you actually EXPERIENCE the success you want.  Nowhere is there such personalized attention, tried and true templates and formulas that produce again, and again, and again!  The miracles, the success stories, the incredible life changes, the fascinating manifestations of desire, based on harmony with the greater good, it’s just like magic!

I’m seeing it start to unfold in the tribe members I serve, and I see it in the movies we’ve been assigned to watch.  Check them out.  You might just see how this simple formula worked for these real-life characters:


            Cool Runnings

            October Sky


And yes, there are more out there.  How’s your movie coming along?  Need help defining some part of this incredible success formula?  Sign up now to get more information and get on the list for a free scholarship in next year’s course.

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