What a fabulous week this one is – a challenge for everyone to observe, commit and report kindness, as often as possible, ending in a huge celebration of love.

Kindness is described as being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Wow, one of the things I found in this week was the number of times I was not friendly (failed to smile, walked past someone without making eye contact or being welcoming), was not generous (did not give time to a charity or someone who might have needed something), was not considerate (running yellow lights, speeding up to get to the ramp when I could have slowed down and waited).

Uggggghhhhh.  I here and now will do better, I promise.  I here and now will practice kindness.  And man, that feels good!!  So many people agree it adds to your own happiness as well as others.  Here’s just one of those points of view.

The payoff for the week was huge!  So many kindnesses reported – in the thousands!  Mark Januszewski and the staff paid it forward and went out and hugged and hugged and hugged.  Check it out here!

So, be kind and be happy!!

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