dream white figure on grassWhat do you want? One of the most powerful questions I’ve ever been asked. And Mark Januszewski, my coach in the Master Key Experience, continues to ask it again and again. Such an important question for all of us, and one we have GOT to answer to make the most of our lives while we have one.

So what is it we really want to do, to have, to be? What is our bliss? And why, for heaven’s sake, is that so hard to answer? We may think we want a lot of money, but what are we going to do with that money? Spend it on selfishness? For ourselves, for people we care about, thinking that’s what they want or need for their true happiness and well-being?

Or do we want to make a difference, to contribute to life, to fulfill our purpose in life? Haanel, in the Master Key System, shares why it’s so important to focus on giving of ourselves to life. “We get only what we give and those who try to get without giving always find that the law of compensation is relentlessly bringing about an exact equilibrium” (17-29)

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In one of my favorite moves, “The Notebook”, Ryan Gosling asks the pointed question as well. Relationship-specifics aside, let the questions challenge you to consider the question for your own life.


WHAT DO YOU WANT? Still struggling with finding an answer, here’s a set of questions to help you get deeper and determine what you really want:


Once you start to get an idea what you want, you can begin to actually get it! How? Keep that dream in mind .. constantly … concentrating on that ideal. Haanel explains the next steps in (17-37), “Always concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact; this is the germ cell, the life principle which goes forth and sets in motion those causes which guide, direct and bring about the necessary relation, which eventually manifest in form.”

Stay strong in your desire. It will take time. Here’s Haanel’s encouragement, “Your strength is determined by your mental attitude; if this attitude is one of success, and is permanently held with an unswerving purpose, you will attract to you from the invisible domain the things you silently demanded.” (17-26)

Enjoy your life. Go get exactly what you truly want!

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