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What does that phrase mean anyway? To “pay” attention would imply that we have to either give out coin, value, or sacrifice ourselves (or something) in some way in order to receive the benefits of attention. Or is attention the currency we dole out? Either way, following the exercise and challenge for this week makes paying attention a much more difficult and daunting task than I had associated with it in the past. In the Master Key System, Haanel writes, “the degree of attention determines our capacity for the acquirement of knowledge, which is another name for power.” (18-30)

Hmmmm, have I been really paying attention in order to increase my knowledge, and thus, my power, to create the life I want?

This week’s lesson encouraged us to practice concentration, to focus our minds and thoughts on what we want in order to begin the creative process. When I have been concentrating, paying attention to my business, I have really enjoyed how I see it start growing. I paid attention to my friendship and longing to connect with a darling woman, and she contacted me “out of the blue”.

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“Attention has been held to be the distinguishing mark of genius,” Haanel says in 18-31. I would say in my experience, genius appears in all different flavors, but when you see it, it tends to shine in the person who has their focus on their interest, on what they want to create.

I know people who are so intent on their work, their craft, that I consider them genius. I marvel at what they create and they inspire me. Several engineers I worked with along the way were intent on their project, brought their ideas to life, through them and through others. Now there’s living genius. Amazing people in my professional organization focus on growing their knowledge, on doing the best they can, on sharing and teaching others. I would consider them genius. I know teachers and coaches who daily focus their attention on making sure their students, their teams excel. I know people who attack their work with love, sincerity and an earnest focus on doing their very best, whether they’re employed or volunteering in some capacity. And they make amazing things happen! Wow, genius is all around us!

So, next time I feel I’m lacking in any way, I just need to focus my attention on what I want. “Thought is the energy which the law of attraction is brought into operation, which eventually manifests in abundance,” Haanel shares (18-27). So let’s get to thinking and bring out the genius that will make the entire world a better place!

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