The end of February, I have just returned from celebrating my niece’s nuptials and it was so lovely to connect with family to experience joy and love.  Those few moments where conflict might have raised its head from person to person were almost miraculously squashed before the thought was given any life.  It was a wonderful weekend.

In Lesson 21, Haanel says, “9 … Conditions are produced and we find that our lives are simply the reflection of our predominant thoughts, our mental attitude.

“10. Every thought creates an impression on the brain, that these impressions create mental tendencies, and these tendencies create character, ability and purpose, and that the combined action of character, ability and purpose determines the experiences … we shall meet in life.

“11. These experiences come to us through the Law of Attraction; through the action of this law we meet in the world without the experiences which correspond to our world within. “

Gee, then what could happen if we always choose happiness, bliss, joy, love … in our thoughts and actions, forgiving everything that might have come before and just letting it go?  Sounds close to heaven to me.  Thank you, Sweet Caroline, for the reminder of what real love looks like.

We can choose to love our future selves in this same starry-eyed, full-hearted way.  We can choose to love Life and others in that same “whatever you need from me I will give” way.  We can choose to let the Divine show us who we were supposed to be and how we partner in creating heaven on Earth, a place of love.  Just choose how you want to think!

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