You tremble, you sweat, you feel paralyzed, the hair stands up on the back of your neck, you feel like you’re going to pass out.  Almost every negative physical reaction has come to us through fear at some point or other.  Particularly, I’m referencing the fear that comes from watching the news, from imagining dangers or what-ifs that aren’t actually staring us in the face.

As we let fear linger, it affects our sleep, our blood pressure, and other physiological symptoms.  Next thing we know, without even realizing it, fear has created more problems than whatever it was we were afraid of to begin with.

For that reason alone, we shouldn’t allow it to stay.  Here’s what Haanel wrote about it in Lesson 22, “The problem, then, before us in the healing of disease is to increase the inflow and distribution of vital energy throughout the system, and this can only be done by eliminating thoughts of fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, and every other destructive thought, which tend to tear down and destroy the nerves and glands which control the excretion and elimination of poisonous and waste matter. “

According to HuffPost, there are 80 references to “Fear Not” in the Bible.  My favorite is 1 John 4:18, “Perfect love casts out all fear.”

Easier said than done.  So how do we conquer this invasive beast?  Mark Januszewski, in his course, Master Key Experience, suggests that we can choose Faith or we can choose Fear.  To recognize that the Omnipotent is ultimately in control, through whichever religion you follow, and that everything is in the process of moving toward its higher purpose for existence.

In The Language of Soul, Harold Klemp advises, “When love enters the heart, no room is left for fear or doubt.”  One way you can apply this is to replace your thoughts of fear with thoughts of love.  Focus on someone or something that you love very much and let your heart fill with that love.  Move your thoughts back to this sense of love and joy whenever you feel the fear starting to rise again.

So, fear not.  Tap into that glorious creative side of you and find your own tools to replace fear.  Please share, if you’re so inclined.

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