Image by klinkin@pixabay

I am really enjoying this year’s class and the people in it!  Reading their blogs reminds me of the growth gift I’ve given myself, and remind me of the gifts that still await to be mine.

While working on helping others to refine their DMPs, I spent a good part of this week rewriting mine.  How easy it is to set up a new blueprint, then let it engulf you just as the old one did.  This year’s class is helping me to see that even though I have gained so much, there is still room to grow.

I am so grateful for the trust the new members have given us to help them grow, and that the staff and guides have given me to allow me to grow in service as one of the gang.  What a terrific community to LIVE in.  Thank you, Master Key Experience.  Truly #NothingLikeIt!

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