I’ve been with the Master Key Experience team for several years now, and I am still learning so very much.

This week, Davene made a comment that I swear I’ve heard more than once over the past 6 years, but I now swear it was brand new to me this go round.

In helping people understand how to express the sacrifice they’re willing to give in order to have what they want, she asks many brilliant questions to help us get it.

This time, she explained that it was important to give what you want, to create the sense of universal flow through you.  I know bits and pieces of that sank in before, but this week, it occurred to me that not giving the very things I want in my life I wanted as gifts for myself were blocking the flow so they couldn’t reach me!  Why wasn’t I giving it away and sharing?

That concept, of course, is a mega multiplier, and on some level, I had known that and done it.  I must have forgotten.  This week, it hit me differently when I heard her talk about it.

What is my PPN that I’m working to fulfill?  How am I fulfilling that same need in others?  Pow!  Dang it, Davene, right between the eyes.  I shoulda known better.

So wisdom means nothing if you don’t apply it.  So then, how can I give what I want to others?  Well, a dear young lady has done a magnificent job of creating simple, user-friendly software that for some organizations I know will be a huge problem-solver.  I had held myself back waiting to figure out what I was getting out of sharing it.  Then when I switched my thought and actions to let me see how many problems I can solve, the flow began!  I starting thinking about how many I could share it with and opened myself to do just that.

Then, like magic, it took off for me, her, and for them.  Wow, a 3-way win, that’s gotta be better than a Win-Win!  Giving opportunity gave me opportunity unlike I had imagined.  Thanks, Davene!  Thanks, #MasterKeyExperience for giving so much to so many!  So, then, shall I!

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