To get, we must GIVE.  “We must be of service,” Haanel states, “We must become a channel whereby the Universal can express activity.”  In the works of my religious path, there is continual encouragement to be an open channel for the Divine … to allow Love to flow through me to others … that Love’s nature is Service, it seeks to love by serving Life.

During THIS week focusing on service, I have the great fortune of attending a weekend religious seminar out-of-town focusing on Service, devoting myself to a few days of support in moving my life into a testimony of Love.  One of my first attempts at this change is to take advantage of the many volunteer opportunities at the seminar — helping those who have never attended to find their way to events, lending an ear when someone just needs to lighten their emotional load, sharing a smile when someone is missing theirs.  The joy I experienced from my first day volunteering was worth the 8 hours I spent on my feet.

I love seeing examples in life helping me to recognize and relate to the truth in all this wisdom.  I had the great opportunity to do work for a woman whose cause I believe in … and I was rewarded with a healthy check in appreciation for the work I did.  She and I are planning ways to reach out to many other people to share methods for solving problems, and she’s helping me to see how there could be monetary reward associated.  I’m also realizing as I do the work that if there isn’t true intent to Serve others, there is no point in participating.  On the couple of occasions where I got close to crossing the line of selfishness, I realized I was slipping out of touch with my definite purpose in life and with the me that I will myself to be.  No more of that selfish nonsense.  I choose to recognize and honor the spiritual connections we all share, and allow the omnipotent to manifest through me the good of the whole.

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