So who’s looking over your shoulder?  Is it for judgement?  Is it for support?  I have never been fond of “accountability partners” because it always felt like I was being judged, not encouraged.

Now, I know about the power of MasterMinding.  And there’s a whole new world to make sure I’m staying on track, and contributing to my partner’s goals as well as mine.

It’s kind of like a work partner, someone who enjoys the process and the journey we’re both on, or all on.  I see now very clearly how no one makes it without a mastermind, in the words of Mark J.

And who else can work as a mastermind?  I’ve discovered with a little poem, The Guy / Gal in the Glass, by Dale Wimbrow, I can look in the mirror and see the actual mastermind partner who really counts — ME!  Looking at my face, asking how I’m tracking on my goals, very empowering.

Wishing you a powerful mastermind and accountability toward your dreams!


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