My Master Key Experience

Week 7 – Precious Gift of Creative Thought


creative-let-goDuring Thanksgiving, I think so many of us are grateful for our material gifts, for our relationships, but what about those intangible gifts we have from nature, or God, or the universe?  Our ability to think, our ability to love, our ability to create, are just a few of the examples that have come to mind for me this season.

In Haanel’s Master Key System, 7-29, I’m reminded how many gifts came to us from those who were so open to sharing their own creativity and energy to manifest their creative thoughts to make my life better or more comfortable in some way.  “Remember that thought is the fire that creates the steam that turns the wheel of fortune, upon which your experiences depend.”  Einstein, Edison, the great political, scientific and religious leaders over time.   And I’m reminded how many people (I think it’s most of the population), have never unwrapped that precious gift to let their creative thoughts come through their talents and express themselves to the world.  That makes me sad.  But also reminds me that I have a responsibility to God, to the world, to step up and learn how to use the power of thought, and the energy of manifesting my thoughts for the good of all, to make this world a better place.

“Do you assert this self or do you follow the majority?  Remember that majorities are always led, they never lead.  It was the majority that fought, tooth and nail, against the steam engine, the power loom and every other advance or improvement ever suggested,” Haanel 7-30.   Ready to lead?  Or join the majority?

Happy Thanks – giving.

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